Reducing the Conflict in Divorce and Separation

Family Collaborative Practice and Mediation encourages people to find solutions for the future with respect, enabling them to separate without the conflict inherent in the Court Process, achieving fair settlements that work.

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 It is not the separation, but the way you separate that affects your children.

You can:

  • Keep control of the process yourself, without going to Court
  • Work with your Partner the Collaborative Lawyers or Mediator and your own Lawyers, Family Consultants and other professionals to resolve issues as a team
  • Put the children first and give priority to the things that are important to you
  • Work to the agenda and timetable you agree with your Partner
  • Work together as a team to solve problems in an atmosphere of respect, building communication with your Partner
  • Rely on the support of your Collaborative Lawyer not only to give you legal advice but to help you keep communication with your Partner going through the most difficult times
  • The Mediator will act as a Neutral Facilitator, managing the mediation process to address and resolve the issues that are important to you and your partner. You will also obtain advice and support from your own lawyers.

What is Family Collaborative Practice?

What is Mediation?